Conference format

BPF residential conferences and gatherings consist of several components.

Personal growth groups

Meeting each day with the same small group of people is an integral part of the event. Working with experienced facilitators, group members are encouraged to explore personal issues which they may have brought with them or that arise during the week. In a safe and supportive environment, there is the opportunity for participants to explore creatively and work through - at many different levels - current or past experiences which are hindering or limiting their lives and relationships.

This is a rich and therapeutic space where people have gained great personal insights. However, if you are unfamiliar with small group work, you should understand that this can be an intense experience with strong emotions, and it can trigger deep issues.

Personal matters raised in the group remain confidential, and we work within ethical boundaries. Group facilitators are supervised each day.

If you are unsure about this aspect of the week, or under medical or psychiatric care, or taking significant medication, and/or if you have specific mobility issues, you should contact the Conference Organiser, Helen Alexander ( or 0131 346 0685) before making a booking.


There are usually several workshops during each conference or gathering. They may relate to the theme, or focus on theological or psychological issues. They may also be experiential in content.

Daily Worship

Meditation, communion and prayers are a sustaining element of each residential event. The many different styles of worship vary from traditional to contemporary.


These will be interactive, focusing on the theme, and guided by representatives of BPF.

Social activities

Several opportunities for more informal gathering and sharing are organised throughout the week.

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