BPF Conferences

In addition to our courses and seminars which happen throughout the year, we usually hold two annual conferences which are open to all.

(There is also a third conference, but this is specifically for practitioners.)

BPF Conferences

Unfortunately, many of our conferences have been cancelled due to Covid-19.

Annual Conference

This is normally a five-day event taking place in Swanwick, Derbyshire.
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Group Work Conference

This is a four-day event scheduled to take place near Scarborough, North Yorkshire, mid-September 2021, Covid restrictions permitting.
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Annual Scottish Gathering

This conference is open to all, but is obviously more accessible for those living in Scotland.
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All these events include small personal growth groups, regular worship, afternoon workshops, evening plenary sessions, and informal social occasions.
(More details on the format of the conferences are available here.)

The conferences aim to provide space for reflection and personal growth in an ethos of Christian spirituality, as well as stimulating input and giving the opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones.

The conferences are open to everyone - lay, clergy, professionals working in the 'talking' professions, people who are engaged in pastoral visiting, those of any faith or none, members of BPF or not.

(Read some comments from recent conference delegates.)