Why do we have policies?

Clear, stated policy documents ensure that everyone involved with Bridge Pastoral Foundation can be properly informed about their rights and obligations. We recommend that you read these documents to familiarise yourself with their content. Although this may seem unnecessarily officious, problems can arise in any human endeavour, no matter how well meaning.

In the unlikely event of a dispute between members of BPF, or an allegation of misconduct, these documents will form the basis for the resolution of the dispute.

Statement of Ethics and Code of Practice

This Statement of Ethics and Code of Practice is designed to uphold the ethos and
values of BPF and to permit its members to relate ethically with each other. Read the policy.

Terms and Conditions for Event Participants

This document outlines the conditions which all participants at any BPF event should observe. It covers matters such as application and registration, payment, cancellation, liability and what information should be disclosed prior to booking an event. Read the policy.

Complaints Procedure

The Complaint Procedures provide the basis for examining a complaint made against any member of BPF to ensure the procedure is fair, impartial, confidential and consistently applied.

Read the policy.