Primal growth and Integration weekends

Most people would like to know themselves better. To do so means that we can take steps to heal our personal hang-ups, grow as individuals and be more aware of what others see in us. This is particularly relevant for those who seek to help other people.

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The sometimes painful and traumatic experiences that helped to shape us may have occurred during childhood, birth or even before. We refer to them as ‘primal’ because they seem to be the origin for certain recurring feelings, thoughts and behaviours. Re-living such experiences later in life can give new insights into why we are as we are, bring release, and open up possibilities for change.

It is not easy to find opportunities to work on areas of the past where unwelcome patterns may have arisen. A Primal Growth weekend aims to create a safe space in which to re-visit our roots with a group of around eight others who respect both who we are and our personal values. Listening to others' stories and supporting them in the work they choose to do can strengthen us as we find touching places in ourselves that we may need to explore further. Being there for others, as well as for the child within you, is part of the commitment of the weekend.

The work in the weekend will demonstrate and give personal insight into working integratively with non-verbal communication, body work and trauma.

Primal Growth and Integration Weekends 2023-24
Working with Pre-Verbal Trauma

27—29th October 2023
Shepherds Dene, Riding Mill, Northumberland

19—21st January 2024
Stanton House, Oxford


You can download an information form for both weekends and a booking form. There is also a brochure giving more general details about Primal Integration and Growth.

(The booking form can be printed off and completed by hand, or completed on your computer, saved, then e-mailed to the address given on the form, together with payment.)

The weekends begin at 4.30pm on Friday evening and end on Sunday afternoon at 4.00pm. The costs for full-board are £390 for BPF members, or £405 for non-members.

The weekend includes some introductory teaching and practical exercises to get you started. Primal work at the earliest levels cannot be guaranteed, because it depends on a readiness assessed mutually between participants and facilitators. The object is for each person to take responsibility for moving forward from where they are, experiencing and integrating early formative processes appropriately. The group is likely to be of mixed gender. The environment we provide is one of quiet spirituality, but is open to those of all faiths and none, including those who struggle with faith.

Delving into past experiences can open up areas of pain and we strongly recommend that participants have access to a counsellor or psychotherapist after the weekend is over. if you are uncertain of your capacity to cope with moderate physical or emotional strain, you should consult your doctor or counsellor first, and speak to one of the group leaders beforehand. If you have no previous experience of personal counselling you should be aware that preparation for deeper work may take longer than for those who have done more personal growth work.